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Reveal,  capture and present your qualities as an actor -- the qualities which you uniquely bring to the stage or the set --  through an extended and challenging session with Bill Shippey, a working motion picture and stage director, a teacher, a Method-trained actor and a member of the Directors Guild of America.  In these sessions, you are not a model, you're an ACTOR -- and that is how you will be treated, directed and photographed.

Following a pre-shoot planning consultation, the session will take place in the Cornerstone Images studio (or on location, if preferred), using a state-of-the-art Canon EOS-5D-Mark III with the L-series 70-200 2.8, and with processing, finishing and retouching via Photoshop CC.

A single "look" - that is, a particular and distinct wardrobe, hair/makeup and background combination - will involve approximately 200 images and at least one hour of shooting time.  Generally, you will want to create two to four looks in order to give yourself sufficient character range and enough personal choices.  In this respect, more always is better.

One look (including consultation and processed DVD) -- $250

Two looks (including consultation and processed DVD) -- $425

Three looks (including consultation and processed DVD) -- $525

Four looks (including consultation and processed DVD) -- $600

If you want to capture more looks, terrific!  We'll figure out a fair price.

An excellent dressing and hair/makeup room is provided.  You can do your own, bring in whom you wish or have Cornerstone provide a hair and makeup artist.  Depending on the number of looks, the rate for a skilled MUA will range from $150 to $300.

Within 24 hours, the original image files from each shoot will undergo basic corrections for color and density and then be processed as both high and low resolution JPEG sRGB files and, finally, burned to a DVD.   These files are ideal for your editing/selection purposes.  If necessary, the high resolution versions could be used directly for making paper prints, but keep in mind that an important step in the creation of exceptional and unforgettable head shots is the subtle (but profound) compositional adjustments, color/contrast corrections and retouching for which Bill Shippey is so widely praised.  This work is done - and pricing is quoted - on an entirely customized basis appropriate to the needs of each individual actor.  The option always will be yours, and, although we think Shippey's work is the best anywhere, you are free to have your selected images retouched and prepared for printing by whomever you choose.