The Photographic Art of Bill Shippey - CORNERSTONE IMAGES - Head Shots, Portraits, Fine Art, Maternity, Children

I am far more interested in meeting exciting artistic challenges and in creating images which surpass client (and my own) expectations than I am in booking a shoot simply because my rate was lower than someone else's.  I believe I bring unique and considerable ablities to the work , especially in the areas of portraiture, head shots and fine art -- i.e., images which reveal the essence of  the inner person.  Nonetheless, I'll never let pricing stand between me and a worthwhile project. 

If the vision is a shared one, there always will be a way to make it work.

The above being said, I recognize that most folks still would like a general sense of my rates, as well as some more information about my approach.  You can click on the links below for a starting point.


Head Shot Rates and Approach

Portrait Rates and Approach

Commercial Rates and Approach


Feel free to contact me in respect to further questions, concepts, scheduling and pricing at: